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The One that Got Away

March 27, 2014

When driving through Kruger National Park, a pile up of cars nearly always triggers an in-car murmer of 'Lion'!?!


This special day, however, no one in our car was anticipating what we'd find along the dirt road.


We slowly crept forward as, one by one, cars left the scene. Each of us had our own speculation for the commotion. But the reality of the situation resulted in a collective (and rather disappointed) sigh. "Oh, just a hornbill", we said, not realising this encounter would prove to be a highlight of our group's trip.



Checking left and right for an elusive leopard – as suggested by the passenger of an overly-hopeful car behind ours – we stopped to assess the hornbill.


Inching closer, we finally saw what all the fuss had been. This unassuming red-billed hornbill had (rather entertainingly) caught himself an impossibly-uncooperative meal. 



It had not the slightest interest in the drama it was causing among motorists, yet busied itself with trying to eat an overwhelmingly puffed-up frog. 



While the frog seemed to have shuffled off life's mortal coil, the hornbill was nonetheless unable to swallow its swollen body. Despite minutes of frustrating attempts – head first, head last and a last-ditch, desperation-fuelled attempt of one leg at a time – the hornbill flew away to a nearby perch. 




It had invariably decided this meal would have to go down as 'the one that got away'. 




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