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Most people know me for my wildlife photography, but before picking up a camera I was obsessed with art. In my teens, it was a remarkable event to see me without a pencil, pastel, or spray paint can in my hand. I truly believe that my artistic background has sculpted my photographic style. The transition from intricate artworks to unique compositions really did set me aside from most wildlife photographers.


As an artist before becoming a photographer, I have always dreamt of one day combining these passions. Nearly 10 years after putting my art supplies away, it took the Covid-19 pandemic for me to rekindle my love for drawing. After a very inspiring call with my childhood friend, Ali Sadiq, I started to sketch again. One small pen drawing lead to a newfound obsession to recreate some of my favourite images. I am so grateful to have rediscovered my love for art, and I cannot wait to share this renewed passion with you all.


I love to provide personalised customer service to anyone interested in my work, if you would like to contact me to purchase a print, inquiring about a commission, or just get in touch, please do not hesitate to send me an email by clicking the INQUIRIES button.  You can see more information about the individual artworks and limited edition prints when clicking on the images.

The shop is now live, and you can purchase original artworks and prints directly from the website! Due to the ongoing Covid19 challenges, international shipping is available, but not through the shop. If you would like to purchase an artwork from outside of South Africa, please do not hesitate to get in contact, so that I can handle this process personally.

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