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Drawing has always fascinated me. I have been curious about how an idea could be conveyed in as few lines as possible, trying to capture a concept in a quick scribble, removing all that is unnecessary and maintaining only the fundamental to capture an idea. As an architect, this challenge has now become part of my job and the act of drawing has become my language to share ideas.


I use an A5 journal to jot down my ideas daily - a thought or something I have recently experienced or seen. These sketches have the potential to become an art piece, the concept for a piece of writing, and sometimes even a building. My journal could perhaps be seen as a tool, similar to that of a photographer's camera - a device to refine self-expression. It is a tool used to test ideas, often leading to the creation of something great.


I use William's photographs often to reference wildlife when sketching, especially those of animals captured in movement. We have been friends since childhood, and I have shared these drawings with him. This has led to the creation of this project - reimagining his photographs as drawings.

The shop is now live, and you can purchase original artworks and prints directly from the website! Due to the ongoing Covid19 challenges, international shipping is available, but not through the shop. If you would like to purchase an artwork from outside of South Africa, please do not hesitate to get in contact, so that I can handle this process personally.

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