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Best of 2017 - My favourite wildlife images

It is 2020 and I have only now realised that I had never uploaded a blog of my best images of 2017, and 2018. While its surprisingly hard to think back to what images I loved at that time, those two years were probably the most instrumental in my pursuit of a career in photography.

In January 2017 I started working for a filming company in Botswana, photographing for series such as "Savage Kingdom" (National Geographic) and "Hippo's: Africas river giants" (BBC). It was a dream to finally be photographing wildlife as a job and grow my portfolio. It is important to say that all of my images taken while working under contracts of the National Geographic and the BBC are subject to restrictions regarding posting. It pains me to not be able to share some of my favourite images while working for the Natural History Film Unit, but maybe some day I will be able to post them!

2017 was also the year I became a Sigma Ambassador for South Africa. It is an absolute honour to be partnered with such a customer orientated brand and I have loved working with the team.

While I had next to no time to do personal trips during those two years, every chance I got to be in the bush, I took. So here are some of my 2017 highlights. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks you so much for viewing! I would love to know which image from 2017 was your favourite?

- William


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Heading 1

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