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Best of 2021 - My favourite images

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Each year I try to condense my favourite 20 images from the year. Some of these images are my 'best' others are on the list because they reflect experiences or memories that I cherish from 2021. Choosing these images is a very self-reflective process. From reliving the amazing moments, to reminding myself of techniques I have neglected, it is a great way for me to assess the way my style of photography has developed over the year/years.

A few recurring themes showed through the images in this years selection. Whether that is because I am going through a phase of favouring certain techniques, or maybe it is just that those are the opportunities that have presented themselves. The four most noticeable trends are;

  • A move towards a more minimalistic style, with simple forms and shapes.

  • Using the way light falls on a subject to emphasise texture and angles.

  • Reimagining common subjects that I have previously neglected.

  • and; delving deeper into capturing urban wildlife.

I am going to try and let the images speak for themselves, as I feel describing why I picked the image, not only takes away from the story they tell, but also in doing so, I find that I over analyse each image. I hope you enjoy my "top 20 images of 2021", and as always please let me know what you think!

Which image was your favourite from this years 'best of'? Thank you everyone for the amazing support in 2021, I cannot wait to share 2022 with you all!

- William


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Heading 1

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