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Green season in Savuti

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

While most people in the safari industry dread the onset of the green season, I personally welcome the first rains. The incredible transformation of the environment results in some unique photographic opportunities.

Most lodges and travel agents choose not to sell places like Savuti during this time. Mostly because of challenges driving conditions, but also because it is harder to promise big cat sightings. As I rarely chase after cats, I decided to spend three nights camping in savuti to try and photograph one unique bird behaviour. Carmine bee-eaters hunting on the back of Kori Bustards.

In 2016 I photographed this behaviour for the National Geographic documentary The Flood. 6 years on I wanted to try and capture it again for my own archives. With that simple goal in mind I ended up having one of the most photographically successful few days of the year... full of cat sightings!

While I didn't quite get the shots I went for, I hope you enjoy a selection of my favourite sightings from Savuti this month. If you would like to be the first to see all my latest images please feel free to sign up for my free newsletter here


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Heading 1

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