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Photo Story - Desert Nomads

I have always loved trying to tell a story with my photography. To capture a mood, to set a scene, and to evoke an emotion. So often I find the images that best achieve these goals, are the ones that let the viewer feel like they connected to the landscape. They are the wider shots, they are the intimate moments, and most importantly they guide the viewer into that subjects world, even if it is just for a second.

One of my photographic series that I feel best fits this brief, is a series from the Namib desert. The vastness and dramatic tones, for me, make this environment so clean and crisp. Shadows and light dance through the dunes, and the search for the desert nomads begins.

The Namibian landscape is so achingly beautiful in it's visual desolation, that when the Oryx make their wandering journeys across the sand they look so out of place. But they are the true desert nomads, able to survive and thrive in this harsh land. Oryx can go their entire life without tasting water on their lips, a true example of a species perfectly adapted for their environment.

I have always been slightly nervous to share these image together, as I have always worried that it would detract from the drama they have individually. But for images to really tell a story, they need to work as a story, and I finally feel like these images work best as a visual journey through the Namibian desert.

Here is my series Desert Nomads, I hope you enjoy!

Thank you so much for viewing the photo story, I would love to know what you think!

All images from this series are available as limited edition prints. You can see details about prints here; SHOP, or you can see more of my portfolio here WILDLIFE.


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Heading 1

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