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Photo Story - Flower Season

While South Africa and the world still struggles with the ongoing challenges of Covid-19, the Western Cape and the Namaqualand is painted with colour as a carpet of flowers transform the land. This natural phenomenon is breathtaking to behold. With international borders still closed, this year it is thousands of South Africans that flock to see this magnitude of flowers.

Caught in the middle of the bloom I find myself not only focusing on the landscape, but also the smaller things. Insects are the lifeblood of this transformation, pollinating as they journey from flower to flower, and that is the story I want to tell. As I continue to work on a short film about Monkey Beetle (more on that soon), here is a few images from the last few weeks, I hope you enjoy!

All images available as limited edition prints. More information about printing can be seen here.

Thanks for viewing!

- William


Heading 1

Heading 1

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