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Photo Story - Lions of the Kalahari

From the dry South-West reserve of Mabuasehube to the Northern Okavango Delta, here are some of my favourite images of Botswana's Kalahari Lions.

A black and white portrait of an impressive black-maned Lion from Mabuasehube.

The same male making eye contact on a cold morning in the park.

A day that will always be imprinted on my mind. A huge storm rolled in late in the year, as the rain began to fall in Khutse Game Reserve, this female got ready for the hunt.

It is very rare for me to be able to use a wide angle lens in wildlife photography, but as the sky darkened this incredible rainbow formed in the sky behind. With lightning surrounding us, the sub adult Lions began to hide under the small Acacia trees.

As the rain began to subside the sun set on one of the most beautiful scenes I have had the pleasure of witnessing in central Botswana.

Two Lionesses share a loving moment in Savuti.

An old Lioness watches its prey through the high grass in Mabuasehube.

A beautiful Lioness watches an African Monarch butterfly on the bank of the Chobe river.

A sub-adult male Lion staring directly at my camera. His stomach full and mane covered in blood. Khutse Game Reserve.

A young male brings its mother an unwanted "gift" (a pair of Gemsbok horns), while she escapes the heat of the day in a waterhole in Khutse Game Reserve.

Lion love in Khutse Game Reserve.

A black-maned Lion doing a Flehmen response, Mabuasehube.

A huge male Lion in beautiful morning light, Mabuasehube.

A Lioness and her pride making their way to the waterhole in Khutse Game Reserve.

A curious sub-adult male Lion investigating my camera in the Central Kalahari.

Watching the sun set over the Chobe National Park.

A beautiful Lioness crossing a dry pan in Khutse Game Reserve.

A pride of lion make their way down a dirt road in Savuti.

A fitting last image, as the sun sets over the Okavango Delta a pride of Lion get ready to start hunting.

Thank you so much for looking through some of my favourite Lion images from Botswana. If you would like to look through more of my wildlife photography please feel free to see the WILDLIFE section on my website, or if you are interesting in inquiring about a print feel free to email me at


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