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The Rooftops - Short film

As a wildlife photographer it is often far too easy to get stuck in the notion that you have to be in the bush capturing the big five to create powerful images.

When lockdown began, a sense of dread consumed me, and the reality of having to put my camera away for the foreseeable future was a sobering thought. The longer I spent peering out of the windows in my house, the more I realised the natural world has carried on unfazed.

Picking up my camera again, I began to see my urban area in a completely new light. Nature surrounds us even in the most built up places. If the restrictions of movement have taught me anything, it is to enjoy the beauty that we live among.

There are stories to tell, we just have to stop and watch them. We may be stuck inside for now, but when the world goes back to normal, I hope we can still take the same time to enjoy the beautiful things around us.


Heading 1

Heading 1

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