Working together with my childhood friend and artist; Ali Sadiq, I wanted to create a portfolio of artwork that evolves and adapts my wildlife photography. Combining the wild moments that I have captured throughout my photographic career, with the personal creativity of our fine art styles. We wanted to build an art-based page that not only inspires but also brings my images to life in a whole new way. We hope that you enjoy our work! All the artwork displayed in the ART page is for sale. If any artwork catches your eye,  we would love to hear from you. 

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"The tiny, jewel-toned beetle scuttles over flower petals and heads straight for an enormous pile of dung. With surprising dexterity, it rolls the matter into a ball far bigger than itself, dashes for safety, and buries the unconventional treasure into the earth. It may be dirty work. But to a dung beetle, this heavy task is their very reason for existence and what makes them the strongest animal in the world." - Beautiful News

You can find out more about the incredible little dung beetle in the Beautiful News video based on my dung beetle images!


As so many of us are weeks into lockdown, it is hard to not feel a little trapped. A good friend of mine said a very fitting statement that has stuck in my head "one thing that we can all see is how much we value our freedom". While we have lost so much freedom, and with it many lives, one thing has gone on unphased; nature. The longer I have spent indoors the more I have become fascinated by the many lives and stories surrounding our urban areas. Here is my short film "Rooftops" a nod to the urban wildlife of South Africa.



It is with great pride that I can announce that my image "contrast" is a finalist in the Black and White category of the Bird Photographer of the Year Ltd 2020 competition. It is such an honour to be included in a second year running in one of my favourite competitions. The standard each year is so high and it is a constant reminder to be more creative and work harder to try and create unique photographs. With over 15000 images entered into the competition this year, I am so proud to be included amongst so many great images and photographers!