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Best of Chobe - November 2022

November is almost at an end, and for Botswana that means a striking change for the wildlife, the rainy season is upon us! Chobe has turned a shade of green seemingly over night, now lush and full of new life. I love this time of the year as we finally get to say goodbye to the depressingly dry landscape and welcome back the summer migrants. From the sounds of the first woodland kingfishers, to the rebirth of the waterlilies in the quiet channels, it really is an overload for the senses.

Although we do see a decline in the number of elephants and other mammals coming down to drink, it is made up for by the dramatic skies and abundance of birdlife. Here are a selection of my favourite images photographed with my guests in during this month of change, I hope you enjoy them!


Heading 1

Heading 1

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